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Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

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Since 2018, Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions (Veolia) has helped customers find solutions to complex challenges, which have been studied, engineered, and applied at the company’s Tomball Technology Center in the Tomball Business & Technology Park, located in Tomball, Texas.

Sustainable Solutions

Veolia offers a wide range of services, delivering technologies for treating water and solving challenging process issues. With an eye on sustainability, the company’s problem solvers research and develop expert solutions.

“Veolia is truly at the forefront of protecting the environment and resources and doing the right thing,” said David Greene, Site Leader and Advanced R&D Manager for Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions in Tomball. “For anybody that uses water, we offer products and services to help solve their toughest challenges.”

Veolia serves customers in a variety of industries, including hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, wastewater, and power. Solutions involve researching, designing, and testing high-quality water systems for production, process, and manufacturing uses. The Tomball facility helps customers meet environmental requirements through procedures and testing that deliver high-quality water supply and environmentally sustainable methods to remove contaminants and transform wastewater into resources. 

Employees at the Tomball Technology Center work directly with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges, and utilize their cutting-edge technology to develop, implement, and monitor customizable solutions.

Veolia’s research and development provides enormous benefits including environmental safety, risk mitigation, and operational efficiency for clients, which can be directly attributed to Tomball Technology Center’s services.

“We help companies meet their sustainability goals and produce efficiently while keeping their people safe,” said Greene.

Thriving in Tomball

Veolia’s Tomball location has been ideal for fostering success. Surrounded by a robust, qualified workforce, and near the hydrocarbon and petrochemical hub, the Tomball Technology Center offers Veolia the resources they need to succeed.

“There are a couple of components to our success. One would be the facility itself. Having it here in the way that we built it, we’re able to deliver high quality products and services. We also have advanced environmental and safety systems, which allow us to be environmentally sustainable,”

David Greene
Site Leader and Advanced R&D Manager

“Our general geographic location allows us to attract exceptional talent from around the area. More and more people want to live in an area like Tomball, which isn’t too crowded, but is close to everything you need.”

The Tomball Business & Technology Park’s nature-oriented environment also fits hand-in-hand with the company’s commitment to sustainability.

“If you are entertaining any type of customer, you need an attractive location. The atmosphere that we have paints a picture and sends a message of being environmentally-focused. When people come out and see it, they’re impressed,” added Greene.

Valuing People

Even ahead of location, Greene emphasized how critical the people are to Veolia’s success. The company employs approximately 60 people in Tomball, whose knowledge, efficiency, and customer-focused approach allow them to complete a couple of million tests per year at the facility, according to Greene.

“It’s our people that make the difference. We can have all the technology in the world, but it is our professionals, at all different levels, that are great and allow us to do the things we do. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the success we’ve achieved.”

David Greene
Site Leader and Advanced R&D Manager

Customer-Focused Future

As Veolia looks to the future, they see an opportunity to further enhance how they assist their customers. New testing systems, including predictive analytics, will allow Veolia to locate problems sooner and help customers be proactive instead of reactive.

“Engagement with the customer is our top priority. You have to know what they need,” said Greene. “Here at Tomball, we’re going to continue to engage with our customers. We like to collaborate with them to avoid working in a vacuum.”

Driven by customer needs, quality people, and an ideal location, Veolia successfully delivers on its promise of solutions for a sustainable world. Veolia’s commitment to investing in its employees, customers, and community sets it up well for long-term success in Tomball.