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Tracey Phan is self-made and Tomball proud. The owner of Aloha Beauty Lounge in Tomball since 2007, Phan has grown her business considerably and is soon set to reach new heights. With an eye for beauty and a heart for helping, Phan and Aloha highlight the best of small business in Tomball.

A Tomball Love Story

Phan moved to the United States in 2002, settling in southwest Houston. She paid her way through cosmetology school by working seven days a week, while also learning English to better communicate with customers. Eventually, Phan found her way to Tomball and immediately fell in love.

The first time I talked to a customer in Tomball, it felt like home. They treated me like family.

Tracey Phan

Bountiful Beauty Business

Just five years after moving to the U.S., Phan earned enough money to purchase Aloha Beauty Lounge, then known as Aloha Nails. She spent her evenings posting flyers and speaking with residents to build a customer base. Eventually, word of mouth took over and the steady stream of clients has not stopped. Phan emphasizes that her business has been built on a strong work ethic, commitment to customer service, and passion for making her clients feel beautiful.

“I treat customers the way I want to be treated and I listen to what they want and need,” added Phan. “I want to do everything I can to make customers feel beautiful and confident. This is my passion. I love what I do.”

As Aloha has grown, Phan has added different offering for customers. Looking to innovate and bring new techniques to Tomball, Phan continues to take classes and hone her skills. She now teaches professional beauty classes for others looking to advance in the profession.

The Next Stage in Tomball

 Aloha’s success has led to Phan adding employees and space. What started as an 800 square-foot, solo nail salon has matured into a 12 employee, 2,400 square-foot beauty lounge. Aloha’s next chapter, however, will be the most exciting of all. With the assistance of a Business Improvement Grant from the Tomball Economic Development Corporation, Aloha Beauty Lounge will open a 5,000 square-foot salon and training facility in downtown Tomball in early 2022. Phan is thrilled to continue building her business in a place she loves and admires.

Tomball has changed my life and motivates me every day. I just love this little town and want to make it proud.

Tracey Phan

Dedicated Community Partner

Phan’s passion for Tomball is expressed in more than just words. She and Aloha Beauty Lounge are dedicated to giving back to the community. The company served as the platinum sponsor of the Miss Tomball Pageant in November and funded $4,000 in scholarships for entrants.

Tracey Phan’s Tomball success story is truly admirable. A passion for hard work, customer appreciation, and community involvement, has enabled Aloha Beauty Lounge to prosper for nearly 15 years. The story is just beginning, however, and Aloha is set for even greater success moving forward in its new Tomball home.