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Success Stories

The Field

Office/Co-Working Space
In Tomball Since
BIG Program

Since it opened its doors to tenants in April 2022, The Field has stood out as a unique coworking environment in a town that values collaboration and relationships. The ideal Tomball location has led to instant interest and optimism for future success.

Community Praise

“There were definitely some questions in our mind whether it would take the market some time to get used to this concept, but so far it's exceeded our expectations. It’s being very well received by the community and people that come to tour the space. Everybody has been great, from the Tomball EDC to the Chamber to community members. They’re happy that somebody did something exciting with the building.”

Peter Licata
Developer & Manager

Options for All

The Field delivers optimal space for small businesses and entrepreneurs with traditional office space downstairs and flex space upstairs. The Field offers four conference rooms, a common area kitchen, and a mother’s room that any of its tenants can enjoy.

 Of the 35 office spaces located upstairs, nearly 80 percent are already leased. Several tenants have utilized the New Business Rental Incentive Program from the Tomball Economic Development Corporation. The ability to divide offices based on tenant need has helped The Field cater to businesses of varying sizes and attracted a diverse list of tenants. Civil engineering, accounting, interior design, and technology are examples of the industries represented at The Field.

“From the type of tenant to the way they want to use the space, it’s completely a mixed bag,” offered Licata.

Collaborative Concept

Licata, who developed a similar concept called Headquarters in Houston, believes that the collaborative atmosphere created by a coworking concept is beneficial for tenants. Businesses that are completely different in specialty or size can utilize the natural synergy of The Field to grow their network.

“With everyone we have in the building, whether they work together or not, I can see this becoming its own little community,” said Licata.

Tomball Attracts

Licata estimates that about 50 percent of the current tenants were previously based in Tomball. Remaining where they were already successful was critical. For the other 50 percent that have decided to make Tomball their business home, Licata points to the feel and familiarity people have with Tomball’s famous amenities.

“It’s a hometown feel for everybody in Tomball and people want to be a part of it. The great thing about this location is that people already know about the amenities in Tomball. They’re going to the Farmers Market. They’re going to the German Fest. Now it’s about how they can tie themselves even further into the community.”

Peter Licata
Developer & Manager

Looking ahead, Licata plans to develop a 15,000 square-foot retail center adjacent to The Field that will be heavy on dining. Licata, his father, Mark, and his sister, Devin, have experience in the restaurant industry and believe the location would be ideal for food and beverage. There is not currently a timeline for the project, however, Licata is working with the City of Tomball on the idea.

Space to Flourish

While still young, The Field has already transformed office space in Tomball. The concept provides a unique efficiency and a spirit of collaboration. When asked why The Field has been successful, Licata points to giving tenants the space and resources they need to flourish.

“We are allowing people to do what they do best. We think it’s set up for your business moving forward,” offered Licata. “You can come here and get to work without a lot of brain drain. We try to make it as simple as possible.”