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Tejas Chocolate & Barbecue

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Barbecue is something of a religion for Texans, and in Tomball, Tejas Chocolate + Barbecue is their church. Founded in 2015, Tejas immediately became a destination for barbecue and chocolate connoisseurs. Ranked by Texas Monthly as the sixth best barbecue joint in the entire state, Tejas earned a reputation for serving some of the best smoked meats and chocolate treats you will find anywhere. A true gem, Tejas brings a unique story and plenty of hungry people to Tomball.

Turning a Hobby Into a Business

Scott Moore, one of the founders of Tejas, began making chocolate as a hobby and discovered the bean to bar American craft chocolate movement. Upon finding there were no bean to bar chocolate makers in Texas, Moore decided to turn his hobby into a business. Tejas Chocolate Craftory was created, and Moore, along with his brother Greg and partner Michelle Holland, began selling their chocolate.

“We wanted the world to know we were making craft chocolate in Texas,” said Moore.

Tejas Chocolate Craftory found an audience at the Tomball Farmer’s Market, a catalyst for food entrepreneurs. Following an “overwhelmingly fantastic response” in Tomball, the chocolate was picked up and sold in places like Whole Foods, Central Market, and Kroger. The success of chocolate sales led the founders to look into ways in which they could sell directly to customers in a retail environment. They did not have to look far to find their home.

Finding a Fit in Tomball

The building at 200 N. Elm Street, one of the oldest in Tomball, in Old Town Tomball was identified as the perfect home for Tejas. Before they moved in, the founders discussed other ways to generate revenue. As residents of Tomball, they recognized a local desire for really good barbecue. It was not long before the barbecue had taken center stage and Tejas Chocolate Craftory became Tejas Chocolate + Barbecue.

In a way, the building and the Tomball community sort of drove our business model. The barbecue may have never happened without this building and community.

Scott Moore

The fit in Tomball has been ideal. Tejas Chocolate + Barbecue employs 41 people, all of whom live in surrounding communities. The community has embraced Tejas and, in turn, Tejas has embraced Tomball.

“Restaurants need the community support to survive and Tomball has done that for us. Tomball has always felt like home,” offered Moore.

Serving Up the Perfect Pairing

The unique and delicious pairing of Tejas’s barbecue and chocolate continues to attract people from everywhere. When asked why Tejas stands out, Moore points to the product offerings and level of craftsmanship the restaurant takes with all of its products.

“It turns out that chocolate happens to be a killer combination with barbecue,” said Moore. “Barbecue and chocolate go together from the point of being a craft and a skill. It requires dedication to doing things the craftsman way—offset smokers, cocoa bean roasting, stone grinding chocolate, slow smoking brisket. It’s a craftsman mindset.”

Tejas has plans to serve their popular items to even more people. The restaurant has increased cooking capacity and plans to expand hours into dinner this fall for those who cannot be in Tomball for lunch. Tejas is also working to send branded products to retail and do more off site cooking, including catering and pop-ups.

Proudly Tomball

As Tejas Chocolate + Barbecue continues growing and attracting enthusiasts making their barbecue pilgrimages, the restaurant’s success is proudly rooted in Tomball. From selling chocolate bars at the Tomball Farmer’s Market to occupying one of Tomball’s most historic buildings, Tejas highlights the best of Tomball’s unique commerce, community, and charm.

I look at success as a sense of belonging to community. At Tejas, we are that way with Tomball and it is very rewarding.

Scott Moore