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In hotels and restaurants across the nation, a Tomball-based interior design studio is curating authentic environments that capture the distinct and diverse narratives that represent their local cultures and geography. Blending industry expertise and a dynamic collaborative approach, STUDIO a28 delivers remarkable designs that feel like home.

Design Dreams into Reality

Amber Slaughter, STUDIO a28’s Founder, Principal, and Creative Director, has always had the dream of becoming an interior designer. After graduating from Tomball High School and earning her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Texas State University, Slaughter pursued that passion.

“It’s cliche to say, but I’ve always wanted to do this. I’ve had that artistic brain my whole life,” said Slaughter.

Earning experience working for two design firms and completing her National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam, Slaughter built a portfolio and reputation that empowered her to start her own business. The Tomball native launched STUDIO a28 out of her home in January 2020, just a couple months before Covid-19 reached Texas. Slaughter was able to manage success during the pandemic thanks to loyal clients and a strong business plan.

Just three years later, STUDIO a28 has grown to a five-person team. The experienced designers focus their work on hotels and restaurants. From Hawaii to Florida and anywhere in between, STUDIO a28 brings a commitment to excellence and spirit of collaboration to every project.

“We are a boutique interior design firm that is down to earth and easy to get along with. We design what our clients want with exceptional results,” offered Slaughter. “Our team has an amazing connection. We all bring unique attributes to the table. None of us have egos, and we design every project together and put it all out there, curating the best unique designs.”

Strategic Design Approach

STUDIO a28’s thorough, hands-on approach helps deliver those exceptional results. The multi-step process begins with a site visit from STUDIO a28. This initial step is key in creating the atmosphere of the project.

“We make every property feel like its locale. We want to make sure we tell a story and a design narrative for every property. Every one of our properties is different. Our clients hire us because we do custom boutique design, not just copy and paste.”

Amber Slaughter

STUDIO a28 coordinates with recognized brands, such as Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt, to become an approved designer. The studio designs everything from floor to ceiling in all parts of the hotel. The entire process takes anywhere between 18-24 months. A similar process for a restaurant is estimated at 12-18 months.

Local Layouts

The studio’s work is proudly on display in our community. Their first Tomball project was a result of Slaughter’s hometown connections. Slaughter and her husband have known Chris Juergen, co-founder of Paradigm Brewing Company and fellow Tomball High School graduate, since middle school. She remembers Juergen telling her about his vision for a brewery and his desire to work with her on the project.

“Chris came to me about five to eight years ago and said, ‘Amber, one day I’m going to have a brewery and I want you to do it.’ I said, ‘Okay, Chris, okay.’ Then, he came to me during COVID and told me it was finally happening and we helped bring his dream to life.”

Amber Slaughter

Slaughter did the first design presentation for Juergen and his co-founders in her backyard. Over samplings of Paradigm’s beers, Slaughter unveiled her ideas for the brewery that now thrives in Tomball Business & Technology Park.

“It was very cool to work on something so local and something so closely tied to our friendship,” added Slaughter.

A second Tomball project paired Slaughter up with another local development. Smallcakes Tomball, owned by Tomball native, Marci Lee, hired STUDIO a28 to design her Tomball cupcake bakery. The super fun design displays pops of color, rainbows and sweetness that invites guests to enjoy treats in a welcoming environment.

Prior to designing the two projects in Tomball, Slaughter was presented an opportunity with a local Woodlands client during the pandemic to turn their vision into the now incredibly popular Sawyer Park Icehouse.

Slaughter offered, “transforming the once Pepto Bismol pink building into an urban icehouse was such a fun and unique experience and to hear how successful they have become makes my involvement to the project so rewarding!”

Growing into New Spaces

As her business grew, Slaughter recognized a need to move STUDIO a28 out of her home into a setting where her team could collaborate together. Slaughter’s strong desire to stay close to her family in Tomball led her to Tomball’s newest co-working space, The Field. Utilizing the Tomball Economic Development Corporation’s Rental Incentive Program, STUDIO a28 moved into its new home in February 2023.

It should come as no surprise that Slaughter is thrilled with the current position of STUDIO a28. A committed staff, ideal office space, and a strong client base situate the company for continued success. STUDIO a28 is leaving its mark on Tomball and the world.