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Smitty's Meat Market and Smokehouse

Meat Market & Smokehouse
In/Around Tomball Since
Square Feet

Since 2013, Smitty’s Meat Market and Smokehouse has built a loyal following in and around Tomball. A purveyor of high quality meats, Smitty’s is also known for its deer and game processing. The store’s attention to customer service and unique product offerings has led to increased demand and the opening of a brand new facility in Tomball that looks and feels like the ideal meat market.

New Passion, Rapid Growth

Smitty’s founder and owner, Blake Smith, has taken an uncommon road to get to where he and his business are now. Leaving a nine-year corporate retail career, Smith worked at his uncle’s meat market and restaurant in Camp Wood, Texas to try something new. He quickly learned he had a passion for the meat and processing business and moved back to Tomball after nine months to chase his newfound passion.

Larry and Marion Fisher, owners of the onetime Silver Seal Meat Market on Mahaffey Road in Tomball, allowed Smith to lease out their former space in order to open Smitty’s. In December 2013, Smith launched Smitty’s and worked to create a place where the Tomball community could get the finest meats and deer processing around. It did not take long for customers to start filing in.

Pretty soon, Smitty’s really took off, we started small and kept growing.

Blake Smith

Emphasizing Products and Service

Smitty’s built a following by offering great homemade products and paying attention to customer service. Smith wanted to offer items, and an experience, that you could not get at a grocery store, or anywhere else.

I tell my employees, customer service goes a long way. If my customers have a problem with something, they can talk to me about it and I’ll make it right. I don’t want anyone to have a bad experience.

Blake Smith

Growth in Tomball

Growth continued for Smitty’s, eventually leading Smith to realize he was outgrowing the space he leased from the Fishers. He needed increased storage and wanted to carry more products that his customers would surely enjoy. Smith ultimately decided to build the perfect place for his customers.

Committed to remaining in Tomball, Smith did not have to look far for the ideal location where he could build his meat market. Less than a mile from the old location, Smitty’s, with the help of Tomball-based Boatman Construction, began working to establish the new Smitty’s Meat Market and Smokehouse at 22621 Hufsmith-Kohrville Road.

“I’m a loyal person. My customers have always stood by me, so I was going to stay by them. I put the new Smitty’s in their backyard,” added Smith.

Smith recognized the Tomball Economic Development Corporation’s (TEDC) assistance, via a grant to help with infrastructure costs. He mentioned the rising costs of construction and the grant’s ability to lessen his burden. Smith also applauded the way grants positively impact Tomball.

Grants help support the community. It helps bring in other businesses to make you want to grow here.

Blake Smith

The Perfect Meat Market

Smitty’s opened for business at their new 8,000 square foot location on March 2 with a larger selection and expanded storage to meet customer needs. The store has a rustic feel, utilizing wood and tin to give it authenticity. Equipped with cases for red meat, smoked meat, and chicken, three times the amount of cooler space to store game for processing, produce, and dry goods, Smitty’s delivers on its promise to be inviting and comprehensive for its customers.

“This is how I’ve always imagined and wanted a meat market to look. My goal was to turn it into a one stop shop for my customers,” added Smith.

With its expanded space, Smitty’s has also started carrying goods from around Tomball and Texas. Salsas, spices, olive oils, and more from local vendors are sold at the store. It is another way Smith shows his love for Tomball.

“I’m excited to help local vendors and offer my customers something they can’t find at the big chains,” said Smith.

The beginning of a new era for Smitty’s signals the strength of a customer-focused, homegrown business. Serving the highest quality meat, providing the best service possible, and making customers feel at home drives Smitty’s success and makes it a special Tomball establishment.