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Success Stories

RMS Breaux Machine Works

Machine Shop
In Tomball Since
Square Feet

Operating a facility with unique capabilities, RMS Breaux Machine Works delivers premier products and services within the machining industry. The integration of Rotating Machinery Services (RMS) and Breaux Machine Works in 2022 brought new opportunity and unlimited potential to the Tomball facility.  

Strong Roots and Prosperous Partnership

Breaux Machine Works was founded in 1976 as a small machine shop in Tomball. T.J. Breaux, the company’s founder, grew the business into one of the leading machine shops. Utilizing several Tomball Economic Development Corporation grants, Breaux expanded into 100,000 square feet of shop space. Breaux’s children eventually took over the business and continued the company’s progression.

RMS, founded in 1998, shared Breaux’s commitment to service, quality, and solutions-oriented machining, making the acquisition of Breaux a good fit for RMS . Bringing Breaux under the RMS umbrella has allowed RMS to serve a growing customer-base in a thriving location.

“This is the heart of our business. Instead of shipping [product] halfway across the country, we can ship it up to Tomball and we get [the work] done right here. It is a great strategic fit for RMS.”

John Bartos, RMS CEO

Uniquely Breaux

Since the acquisition, RMS has been deliberate in keeping the Breaux identity and family culture. Besides its nearly 50-year history, the company’s identity is a point of pride for the team in Tomball.

“We want the team to have that identity. They may have worked here for 20 or 30 years. We don’t want that to go away,” offered Bartos. “At RMS, we characterize ourselves as a family. A lot of us have worked together for many years in different companies and we’ve all come together.”

“It’s helped create a smooth transition from Breaux Machine to RMS by keeping it as much of a family business as possible. We’ve retained a lot of employees,” added Paul Bourgeois, RMS Breaux Machine Works Director of Operations and a 34-year veteran of the company.

Industry-Leading Quality

RMS Breaux’s capabilities allow it to serve a diverse set of customers from oil and gas to aerospace. The low volume, high value work delivers results to critical industries that suffer expensive losses when their equipment fails. The RMS Breaux Machine Works commitment to quality  drives results by successfully eliminating and reducing equipment failure.

To emphasize its commitment, RMS created a quality policy that utilizes the acronym, TURBO. The policy states that RMS is Thoroughly committed to continuous improvement; Urgently responds to customers’ needs; Reliably operates where safety and quality are the priority; delivers Best in class turbomachinery engineering; and offers Outstanding customer-centric solutions that exceed expectations.

“We are in a critical services industry. Quality is everything to us. When we repair a piece of equipment, or give them a new piece of equipment, it has to run for five to seven years without stopping. We came up with that acronym as a reminder for everyone that every minute of the day a customer is depending on the work that they do,” said Bartos.

By the People, For the People

RMS Breaux Machine Works believes that good personnel and hands-on training are essential to delivering quality. The precision machines require understanding of equipment and technology, learned mostly through on-the-job training. With approximately 80 employees in Tomball and more than 450 at RMS facilities across America, the fabric of the company is rooted in its people. The company offers an environment and culture that fosters success.

“If the employees are happy, we feel they are going to be productive and do high-quality work on time. That translates to orders and that translates to the bottom line,” offered Bartos. “The way you measure it is in dollars and cents. The way you achieve it is through people.”

RMS is excited to continue investing in their Tomball facility. Three state-of-the-art machines will arrive by the third quarter to increase capacity. The company held a hiring event in Tomball on June 12 and June 13 to meet the needs created by added production.

Exciting New Chapter

The combination of RMS and Breaux Machine Works delivers top-tier quality, service, culture, and productivity. The success of RMS Breaux Machine Works offers a new chapter in the company's Tomball story. Those who have been around the longest are encouraged by the direction.

“It’s been a good partnership. We take care of the customers and have a good team that’s been here for years. We just want to keep it growing.”

Gary Breaux, Breaux Machine Works, President