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Nickson Industrial

Industrial Development
In Tomball Since
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The nationally ranked Tomball Business & Technology Park has played a major role in elevating the Tomball economy. Approaching nearly 100 percent sold, the Park has seen an influx of diverse businesses. Helping spur this success is developer Charles Nickson, who has delivered several desirable office and warehouse buildings, and quality tenants, to the Park.

Discovering Tomball Business & Technology Park

Nickson has been in real estate more than 50 years, starting his business in 1969. The Yale University graduate initially built his business around residential, land, and commercial properties around the United States. Nickson has spent the last 15 years specializing in industrial warehouses, which is how he landed at the Tomball Business & Technology Park.

After developing in nearby The Woodlands and Cypress, Nickson sought his next venture in the path of growth. Tomball, which sits ideally on the growing corridors of Grand Parkway and Tomball Tollway, was set to launch the Tomball Business & Technology Park. Nickson’s preference is to locate developments in business parks. He points to master planning and deed restrictions that create a strong ecosystem and a suitable business environment.

The attraction of the new business park and the growth in the Tomball area made it the perfect fit. According to Nickson, Tomball’s appeal to businesses and families makes for a strong environment.

“Tomball is a desirable place to live and work. Tomball has a positive outlook, as it’s in the path of growth”

Chuck Nickson

Developing Desirable Inventory

Nickson first invested in the Park in 2018 and has made quick work generating desirable office and warehouse environments on Spell Circle. Four buildings are fully constructed, two are under construction, and one is planned for construction in 2023. The seven buildings total nearly 200,000 square feet of modern office warehouse space that attract small to mid-size businesses. Despite being constructed as spec buildings, Nickson has had great success lining up tenants. In fact, the two buildings under construction are pre-leased with tenants expected to move in by the first quarter of 2023.

“We have had a good response to our buildings. The desire to be in Tomball is very strong,” offered Nickson.

Constructed for Modern Industrial Success

The positive response to Nickson’s developments is due in large part to the way he constructs the buildings. He avoids the metal industrial look, opting instead for a tilt wall concept.

“I like the tilt wall. It gives a feeling of permanence,” added Nickson.

Additionally, Nickson finishes the office space of each building. Designed by an architect to meet modern preferences, the offices are move-in ready for tenants.

Bringing Opportunity to Tomball

Nickson’s spec buildings have driven economic success in Tomball. Several businesses, such as Kinsley Armelle and Magnetic Pumping Solutions, have located corporate or regional headquarters in Nickson’s developments. He recognizes the importance of creating job opportunities and the positive impact it has on Tomball.

“A strong job base stabilizes a community and ensures its longevity,” said Nickson.

Longevity is nothing new to Nickson. For more than five decades, he has delivered properties that appeal to the communities in which he operates. His success in Tomball and the Tomball Business & Technology Park has helped make the Park one of the most desirable in the region and nation. With more on the way soon, Nickson’s Tomball success story is still being written.