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Muddy Soap Co.

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On North Sycamore Street, in the heart of Old Town Tomball, Muddy Soap Co. is capitalizing on a successful online presence to create a retail oasis. Offering fragrances, oils, bath bombs, and much more, Muddy Soap Co. is attracting customers who seek out the best in self-care products. Owner, Susie Seivertson, understands how to connect with customers and create a welcoming environment that feels at home in Tomball.

Origins and Immediate Success

Muddy Soap Co. was founded in 2017 by Jamie and Jerry Pyles. Jerry designed the Electra-Press Bath Bomb Machine, which, according to Seivertson, is the only electric bath bomb machine on the market. After meeting them at a conference, Seivertson soon began consulting to them and Muddy Soap Co. When the couple decided they no longer desired to run the business in 2019, Seivertson agreed to purchase Muddy Soap Co. and has transformed it into a larger enterprise.

The business remained online only, however, Seivertson quadrupled sales in the first year and had her sights on a retail model. A frequent visitor to Tomball, both growing up and as an adult, she appreciated the small-town charm and welcoming atmosphere. She continued to be attracted to the building at 205 N Sycamore Street, ultimately purchasing it as Muddy Soap Co.’s new home.

“I would drive up and down Main Street and I would say ‘This is where I want to be. This is where I want to call home,’” said Seivertson.

Susie Seiverston

Facing and Overcoming Difficulties

Before Seivertson could move into her new Tomball establishment, she faced a major roadblock. In April 2021, the warehouse storing Muddy Soap Co. product burned. She lost everything.

The Marine Corps Veteran is not one to shy away from a challenge. Utilizing tenacity and business ingenuity, she rebuilt Muddy Soap Co. out of her Tomball location to be a suitable storefront location. While still not at full capacity, Muddy Soap Co. opened to customers in Old Town Tomball in early 2022.

“It’s been a really tough year and half, but we made it,” added Seivertson.

Seivertson has worked closely with the Tomball Economic Development Council to receive grants for siding, paint, and new fences. The company has also applied for a grant that will see a Tomball-themed mural painted on the historic building.

Safe Specialty Products

In addition to the innovative Electra-Press, Muddy Soap Co. is a supplier to the artisanal soap industry. With a variety fragrance oils, essential oils, and various products needed to make soaps, deodorants, and shampoos, Muddy Soap Co. serves a growing customer base that emphasizes self-care.

“Self-care is really important. We forget as humans to take care of ourselves. You can’t drink from an empty cup. You have to be taken care of first,” said Seivertson. “There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. It’s not selfish. It’s a necessity.”

Under Muddy Soap Co.’s umbrella, Seivertson operates her personal line, Opha May’s Soaps & Sundries. Named for the first female Marine, Opha May Johnson, Opha May makes soaps, bath bombs, lotions, sugar scrubs, and other essential elements sold as finished products. Sold at the North Sycamore store and regularly at the Tomball Farmers Market, many Opha May products are named after famous women in the Marines, like Bea Arthur and Annie Graham, the first Black female Marine.

In store, you can purchase items from Muddy Soap Co. and Opha May. Additionally, Seivertson offers classes on how to make soaps, shampoos, and bath bombs. However you want your self-care product, Seivertson will help you get it. She will also prioritize good customer service while doing it.

“Muddy will teach you how to make all of these products. Opha will offer them already made for you,” describes Seivertson.

“What sets us apart, by and large, is customer service. If my customers call me with a problem, it’s solved today. I don’t ask anyone to wait.”

Susie Seiverston

When curating products to sell online and in-store, Seivertson makes sure to select ingredients that are not harmful to the human body. The emphasis on clean and healthy allows Muddy Soap Co. and Opha May customers to be confident in their purchase.

Self-Care Satisfaction

Despite challenges, Muddy Soap Co. continues to successfully navigate a road to success in Tomball. Set to an upbeat, welcoming environment, mirroring the town in which it calls home, Muddy Soap Co. delivers important products for self-care solutions.

“If I can just brighten someone else’s day, it’s been a day well spent,” added Seivertson.