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A name associated with Houston media for more than four decades is thriving in Tomball. Moffett Productions, founded by Texas Radio Hall-of-Famer Bill Moffett, is a video and multimedia production company specializing in creative marketing content. Their second-generation success carries on the family legacy of customer service, high-quality content, and a dedication to the craft.    

Icon to Entrepreneur

Moffett, known to his family as Bill Wohrer, was a popular radio personality and a pioneer of the audiovisual industry. His booming voice, love for promotion, and unique talent led him to open Moffett Productions in 1988.

The company initially specialized in radio commercials. Moffett, often the voice talent, was able to deliver high-quality commercials with a national sound by the next day to event promoters and retailers all across the county, including commercials for music artists, sporting events, touring entertainment, and more.

“He was one of the guys that really pioneered multi-track sound in radio commercials and big-time voices,” said Chris Wohrer, Bill’s son and current co-owner of Moffett Productions. “At that time, it wasn’t a sound people could create. And he helped put it on the map."

Adapting to Advancements

The audiovisual industry has evolved immensely in 35 years, leading Moffett to adjust to new client needs. Of course, advancements in technology have been the biggest driver in the evolution. Commercials were originally produced on reels or tape and mailed to customers until that gave way to digital delivery. Cameras, recording equipment, and the rise of web-based streaming have changed the way people would watch and consume content forever. Moffett has worked hard to stay ahead of the curve and focus on delivering the best results for their clients.

“Broadcasts used to be the platform that everybody advertised on, and what everybody watched. Now there’s literally thousands of places where video content can be seen. So, the deliverables have changed and the setting in which people watch has changed. We want to offer the best product we can, so we focus on optimizing our deliveries for the locations where they land and strategically how to get the best results for those placements.” offered Wohrer.

New Era, New Success in Tomball

Having the right studio and equipment is critical for Moffett. A move to Tomball in 2019 allowed the company to build exactly what they needed to meet modern demand.

Previously located in Spring, Chris and his brother Jeff sought to find a more suitable location for their evolving business.  Jeff, an existing Tomball resident, recommended they look at the popular suburb. The ideal location was found on Clarence Street in Old Town Tomball. Moffett worked with the Tomball Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) on incentives, and with the City of Tomball on zoning. The company’s family approach helped it quickly establish a rapport with neighbors to garner support for their project.

It was a win-win. We got a great place with the freedom to build what we needed, and the neighbors got a little bit more protection and some beautification. Everyone was very proactive about helping us get the answers we needed. That made a big difference for us. If you’re willing to invest in your business, they are willing to partner with you. I think that’s awesome and all businesses in Tomball should be maximizing that, because it's a way to beautify our community and keep local shops performing at a high level.

Chris Wohrer

Wohrer pointed to the location of Tomball for helping it reach new customers.

“It’s a unique location,” Wohrer offered. “Being outside Houston has allowed us to serve customers that would have traditionally had to go into town to be served. Now they have a studio and access to our team here in a place that’s a little closer to home. The growth out here is no joke these days. Plus, we get to have our office down the street from where we live.”

Keys to Success

Having a great space in a great location is only part of the equation. Offering a quality product, great value, and a commitment to customer satisfaction is key to Moffett’s success.

“One, we’ve always provided good value. It’s always high-quality at a good price compared to the market. Two is customer service. Everything we do is making sure people are happy. It’s really the secret to anything. Third is the ‘make it happen’ attitude. When I first started working for the company, everything was based on deadlines for airing for broadcasts. A lot of that has changed now, but everything had to be done by a certain time, so our motto was always, ‘make it happen’. Whatever it took to do the job, we would do… and we still do.” said Wohrer.

Fundamentally Family

As Moffett continues to achieve success in Tomball, the joy of a family business remains at the core. Bill passed away in 2016, but Chris, Jeff, and their team carry on his legacy. The opportunity to do so in Tomball, a place that thrives on community, adds delight.

“I take a lot of pride in this being a family business and being the second generation. I take a lot of pride in the fact that we’ve been open since 1988. For a video production company, that’s virtually unheard of,” offered Wohrer. “The sense of purpose and dedication you put into something that’s your family’s just means a lot. I think Tomball embodies a lot of those values. It is a small town at heart. I like the fact that it feels local, and it's cool that we’re an example of that here.”