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Success Stories

Manna - Bread from Heaven

Restaurant - Bakery
In Business for
7 years
Business Improvement Grant

Driven by faith and a lifelong love of baking, Christin Morse is on a journey to deliver great food, a welcoming environment, and personal connections. Her business, Manna - Bread from Heaven, has evolved from a passion to a must-visit restaurant in Old Town Tomball. Morse’s inspiring story of belief and perseverance is showcased through Manna.    

Bless Through Baking

Manna’s origins go back seven years when Morse launched her home baking business, Curly Chef’s Porch Bakes. Created as a way to help her family generate income, the business quickly gained popularity. More than 500 people signed up to receive text alerts and lines would sometimes stretch down Morse’s street as people waited to purchase her baked goods.

Unfortunately, crisis continued to impact Morse’s family and the future of her business became uncertain. She turned to God for guidance, which led to a belief that baking was a calling and an answer to her family’s needs.

 “I asked God if I should close this bakery. It was in the Bible that I read the words about manna from heaven that Jesus was speaking about. That was Him encouraging me and telling me that I could bless my family and many families,” offered Morse. “I felt it on my heart that this was a gift.”

Making of Manna

Morse says God continued to reveal himself through a connection she made while in grief therapy. After learning of Morse’s baking prowess and faith journey, this individual offered funding for Morse to open her first bakery storefront.

Manna- Bread from Heaven, a name honoring Jesus’s words, opened in the Northpointe area of Tomball. Morse continued to serve up delicious baked goods, despite business challenges and the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. Morse operated in Northpointe for five years. When she was presented with an opportunity to bring her business to the heart of Tomball she saw an opportunity to take Manna to the next level.

Evolving to Old Town

It was one of Morse’s employees that first noticed the building for sale at 306 Commerce Street. An ideal location in Old Town Tomball, Morse envisioned creating the welcoming environment she dreamed of for Manna. Utilizing a Facade Improvement Grant from the Tomball Economic Development Corporation, Manna has created a modern, clean, and stunning bakery and restaurant.

It was a beautiful experience. The grants highly incentivized me to come here. It allowed me to aim high, which helps my business have a high level of quality.

Christin Morse

Inviting Environment

Manna’s quality is not just in its food. The quality of place provides a feeling of warmth and connection that Morse desired when she launched the business.

“It’s more of an experience. It’s an environment that wraps itself around you. You’re going to taste good flavors and good food, but it speaks to the soul,” said Morse. “You can rest, connect with people, get work done, or pray. Manna offers a space of safety, warmth, and a little bit of home cooking that I hope offers some healing and goodness for everybody.”

The welcoming environment of Manna fits in Old Town Tomball. Morse, who was admittedly nervous entering the new space, has felt the embrace of downtown.

I feel like I’ve moved into the heart of Tomball. I definitely can taste the flavor and the love of the people in this town. I was almost expecting a little pushback. Instead, I’ve been welcomed with open arms. It’s almost like, ‘welcome to the family.’ All the business owners have wrapped their arms around me.

Christin Morse

Serving a Community

The embrace from fellow businesses has been surpassed by that of customers. In just seven months, Manna’s new location has become a popular spot from open to close.

“It’s completely surpassing all my expectations. Word of mouth has brought in people where we’re full almost every day. On weekends, it’s packed. Our biggest challenge is how to find more seating,” offered Morse.

The success has Morse adjusting expectations and thinking of ways to offer even more to her customers. She hopes to expand the menu and incorporate flavors from around the world. Ultimately, she wants people to come be at home at Manna.

“I want people to know that we’re here for them. We’re not here just to stay in business or to make a lot of money. We built this for them. So I hope they come and just enjoy it,” said Morse.