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Kinsley Armelle

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Co-founders of thriving e-commerce jewelry brand Kinsley Armelle, Steven and Crystal Habel are bold entrepreneurs dedicated to staying true to their roots. The husband and wife team have experienced much success since launching the business in 2016. Just five years from opening, Kinsley Armelle has moved its headquarters into the Tomball Business & Technology Park, utilizing their new space as a catalyst for sustained growth, while remaining authentic and grounded.

Finding a Home in the Tomball Business & Technology Park

Moving from nearby Spring to Tomball in January, Kinsley Armelle now occupies 25,000 square-feet of space in the fast-growing Tomball Business & Technology Park. With 4,000 square-feet of office and 21,000 square-feet of warehouse, the new headquarters allows the company to expand operations, hire additional employees, and showcase their product. The aesthetics and convenience of the Park make it the ideal fit for Kinsley Armelle.

We discovered this location and immediately felt it was the right fit for Kinsley Armelle. This facility is what we needed to take the next step in our business.

Steven Habel

A Special Feeling in Tomball

In a way, moving to Tomball is a homecoming for the Habels. Launched out of their home in Tomball shortly after graduating from Texas A&M University, the business has always been influenced by the city’s charm. The couple rave about Tomball’s quaint Old Town and unique vibe. When the Habels talk about their roots, Tomball plays a key role.

“We want to try to stay true to our roots because that’s what resonates with our brand. That’s what got us started as a small business,” offered Steven.

“Tomball has a special feel. We have customers and wholesalers that come to our offices, so it was important to stay true to our roots and that’s Tomball,” added Crystal.

Kinsley Armelle marries the creativity of Crystal and technological savvy of Steven to establish their loyal customer base. A self-proclaimed DIYer, Crystal started with an Etsy shop designing and handmaking every product. It did not take long before orders began flooding the Habel home. Steven, who likes to say, “let the data be your guide,” could see that Crystal had something big. The pair made the bold decision to leave their oil and gas careers and jump into business together.

The company has built a massive online presence, with more than 200,000 customers, along with being carried by more than 4,000 vendors worldwide. With the help of their team, Crystal designs thousands of products, while Steven monitors trends to be sure that Kinsley Armelle is meeting customer needs. The company takes pride in being nimble enough to shift according to changing e-commerce trends and buyer preferences.

E-commerce is the way to go right now. Even though it is a space where we are already successful, we need to learn from our customers and the industry to continue improving.

Crystal Habel

Customer and People Focused

While adaptable, Kinsley Armelle remains committed to its core customer. This commitment is a major factor in optimizing lifetime value and furthering the brand’s attraction. Kinsley Armelle customers have come to expect an excellent product at a fair price. According to the Habels, that essential foundation will not change.

“Kinsley Armelle will not sacrifice on quality or keeping a fair price point,” added Steven. “It is what we are founded upon.”

As the external focus is on customer service and a superior product, internally, the company’s focus is on its team. With seventeen current employees, and several more joining soon, the move to Tomball has reinvigorated and further empowered their growing staff.

“The most valuable asset we have is our people. They are what makes this possible,” said Steven.

“Our team is excited to come to work each day. This move had been great for them, too,” added Crystal.

The future of Kinsley Armelle is bright. The company plans to introduce more than 300 new products this spring, along with sending more than one million mail catalogs to customers. Steven and Crystal are prepared for what is to come thanks to the unique combination of staying true to their roots and flexibility to meet industry changes and customer demands. With their new space in Tomball, the same city where it all began, that recipe can be perfected and Kinsley Armelle can continue to flourish.