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DM Clinical Research, a family-owned business in Tomball, has an important role to play in the response to COVID-19. The clinical research organization will  be  bringing  late  phase  COVID-19  trials  to Tomball  in  July  to  help  the medical industry get closer to a vaccine that may stunt the pandemic. While a large task, DM Clinical Research’s team is ready to meet the challenge and serve the Tomball community.

Quality Trials & Clinical Research

“We are looking forward to bringing quality trials and clinical research to our community,” said Mohammad Millwala, founder and CEO of DM Clinical Research. “By conducting the COVID-19 trials in Tomball, we are providing the opportunity to participate in important research without having to commute to the Texas Medical Center.”

According to Zohair Harianawala, Vice President of Operations, DM Clinical Research’s selection is a win for the company and for Tomball.

“COVID-19 vaccine trials are coveted. Everyone from the federal government to the media to the general public is interested in these results,” offered Harianawala. “Bringing these trials to Tomball is a big deal for us and the Tomball community.”

Making Adjustments for Pandemics

The company credits their selection for COVID-19 vaccine trials to its ability to pivot quickly and the strong results they have delivered in previous trials.

“The nature of clinical research forces us to be flexible. Our adaptability shows pharmaceutical companies that we are equipped to handle these trials,” said Harianawala. “In fact, pharmaceutical companies involved in COVID-19 trials sought out DM Clinical Research due to our high performance in past vaccines.”
DM  Clinical  Research  has  dedicated  countless  hours  to  COVID-19,  as  they understood the need to protect patients and employees from the contagious virus. Using technology to host televisits and video conferencing and expanding physical operations for social distancing, DM Clinical Research has safely continued operations. Marianne Tadros, Director of Corporate Development, said safety is their utmost concern.

“Employee and patient safety have been critically important during COVID-19. It has been an around the clock effort to make sure everyone is safe” offered Tadros.

DM Clinical Research expects trials to initiate in Tomball in July and estimates they will have between 500 and 1,000 slots available. Patients will have to meet certain criteria to participate. The company will prioritize healthcare employees and other essential workers who operate in close quarters. Those who have been working on the front lines of the virus will be ideal first participants. The company recently spearheaded an ambitious initiative to educate and mobilize the greater Houston community on COVID vaccine trial participation.

Speaking of first responders, DM Clinical Research has recognized the heroic work of those professionals. Recently the company held a breakfast thanking them for their vital service. The relationship DM Clinical Research has with medical professionals is a key to the company’s success.

The Tomball medical community has been extremely helpful and phenomenal to us. One of the reasons for our success is the mutual trust we have built in the physician community.

Zohair Harianawala
Vice President of Operations

When Millwala founded DM Clinical Research in 2006, he saw an opportunity to bring clinical trials to the Houston area; a place where they were largely underrepresented. With nearly 100 employees, including approximately 70 based in Tomball, DM Clinical is now the largest privately owned medical research group in Houston. DM Clinical Research has an office in Houston, in addition to its hub in Tomball. The company also has a presence in San Antonio, Chicago, and Louisiana.

Why DM Chose Tomball

It was the move to Tomball, however, that allowed the company to grow and excel. Recruited by the Tomball Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) to Tomball nearly seven years ago, the company found support from the TEDC and the medical infrastructure in place in Tomball as a foundation for success.

An advantageous location next to HCA Houston Healthcare Tomball allows DM Clinical Research to utilize their strong relationships with the medical community. The company has also established strong roots in the Tomball community, which has seen the city, its residents, and DM Clinical Research all benefit.

“The move has proven to be a mutually beneficial relationship for Tomball and DM Clinical Research. It is a conjoined story of success,” proclaimed Harianawala.

The company has also noticed how Tomball responds together and rallies around its businesses and residents in difficult times. Mohammad recognizes the encouragement that Tomball has offered its community throughout COVID-19 and wants his company to respond.

“Tomball has been amazingly helpful throughout the COVID-19 crisis and DM Clinical Research is committed to reciprocating that support,” offered Mohammad.