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A good cup of coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures. The story behind that cup, however, is likely anything but simple. Copan Trade and Copan Coffee Roasters understands that and utilizes more than three decades of global relationships in the complex coffee supply chain to deliver quality, versatile coffee options for customers of all sizes.

Founded Through Relationships

Copan Trade was founded in 1985 by Sheri and Walter Dunaway. Living in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras, the couple had a mission to find the best coffee and deliver it to the rest of the world. They scoured the underrated coffee landscape of Honduras and created close relationships with local growers that still play a key role today.

The Dunaway family moved to the United States in the early 2000’s, establishing roots in Tomball. Understanding the value of their relationships with local coffee growers abroad and recognizing an opportunity to connect with the local coffee community in Texas, the Dunaways formed Copan Coffee Roasters in 2002.

“We saw the potential of the market growing here, so we started importing one container at a time,” said Daniel Dunaway, Copan Sales Operations Manager and son of Sheri and Walter.

Commitment to Quality

Copan Trade and Copan Coffee Roasters continues to deliver and roast coffee from around the world. The company now imports from nearly 30 countries of origin and from several locations within those countries. While coffee from different regions may vary in taste, the one constant for Copan is the quality they offer.

“We take quality very seriously. We want to keep our standard high,” added Dunaway.

Copan Trade focuses on importing and selling wholesale coffee, utilizing their direct relationships with growers around the world to offer coffee at competitive prices. Copan Coffee Roasters roasts and packages coffee at their Tomball facility. This includes private label services and direct retail offerings online and in-store. The quality and freshness of the coffee that Copan procures from its involvement in every step of the supply chain helps set it apart from competitors.

“We want to provide the freshest possible coffee, not just from origin, but from roasting, as well,” said Dunaway. “It’s not just about the product. It’s also building the relationships that we’re very proud of.”

Growth in Tomball

Copan’s success in Tomball led it to expand in 2020. The company moved from 4,800 square feet into nearly 15,000 square feet on five acres to more efficiently handle logistics and roasting. The Tomball Economic Development Corporation worked with Copan to earn grants for signage and fencing at their new facility.

Copan is currently constructing an expansion on their current property that will see another 15,000 square-foot warehouse for green coffee storage. Estimated to be complete later this year, the facility will allow Copan to handle their own inventory and inventory for the growing green coffee market. Dunaway hopes to add close to 15 new employees post-expansion.

“You’ll never see a roaster with the kind of inventory that we have,” added Dunaway. “Not only are we doing the roasting ourselves, but we’re also handling logistics services. We’re kind of behind the scenes. We like to think that we’re an extension to a lot of businesses. We’re here for other businesses to grow.”

While relationships with growers is the primary reason for Copan’s logistical success, location would be a close second. Located less than an hour from Port Houston and situated between major thoroughfares, Copan can successfully move product to and from its Tomball facility.

Relationship and Customer Focused

As Copan becomes an even larger player in wholesale and retail, the company remains committed to relationships. Relationships with growers are essential to the product they provide, leading to a bond with customers to enjoy Copan and the Dunaway family’s passion.

“Coffee is like a ritual to us and that’s what inspires us. At the end of the day, we want to make a product that people really enjoy,” said Dunaway. “The whole idea is to bring the customer to us to have an experience, not only from the coffee but to have an experience within our company and see how we do things differently.”