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Located on Market Street in Old Town Tomball, Craving Kernels Gourmet Popcorn & Treats perfectly captures the charming fun permeating the historic district. Filled with classic candy, homemade fudge, and more than 80 flavors of popcorn, Craving Kernels has something for everyone. Craving Kernels’ success as a one-stop-shop for treats and an enjoyable customer experience has the company thriving and looking at opportunities to meet a growing customer base.

Vacation Inspiration

Randy and Tracey Harmon were vacationing roughly five years ago when they found the inspiration for a business venture that would change their lives. Burned out on corporate life, the couple visited a popcorn store in Fredericksburg, Texas and knew that a similar store could thrive in Tomball’s welcoming Old Town.

“We both knew right away, this was something we wanted to do,” said Randy, co-owner.

Craving Kernels opened for business within a year of that trip and it has been a popular stop for visitors and residents in Tomball since 2018. Located on Market Street in Old Town, the building’s vintage look and feel fits the timeless offerings sold in store.

“This is where we wanted to be and it’s just been perfect. We caught lightning in the bottle when we moved in,” added Randy. “The family atmosphere makes Tomball a fun place to be.”

Randy Harmon, Owner

Delicious and Unique

Best known for their popcorn, the store offers a wide range of made-in-house varieties. Using high quality ingredients and rare flavor combinations, Craving Kernels creates a selection to fit everyone’s taste buds. From standards like cheddar and caramel to unique flavors such as dill pickle and Dr. Pepper, Craving Kernels hits every spot from savory to salty.

The popcorn flavors and combinations are endless, as are the classic candy options carried at Craving Kernels. The goal is for customers to be able to enjoy vintage candy, such as Charleston Chew and Bit-O-Honey, that is hard to find anywhere else. From sour to sweet, Craving Kernels has what you need to satisfy that sweet tooth.


The constant theme among it all is fun. Fun is something that Randy and Tracey strive to provide with every aspect of the store from selection to décor to customer service.

“Craving Kernels is just fun and unique. We wanted to create an environment that was fun and something that you don’t have on every block,” offered Randy. “We’re a fun, old school candy store on steroids.”

Craving Kernels was able to manage throughout Covid-19, due to a mobile app that launched about the time the virus became a threat to Tomball. The community’s desire to support local businesses and Craving Kernels’ ability to handle customer requests electronically, propelled the store during the difficult time.

Expansion for Growing Demand

Looking ahead, Craving Kernels is ready to do even more. In-store sales continue to be the bulk of their business, however, companies frequently inquire about ways Craving Kernels can help with corporate gifts. Working with local partners, such as the Tomball Economic Development Corporation, Craving Kernels hopes to open a packaging and fulfillment center in Tomball for the growing demand.

Craving Kernels excels at providing an environment and products that make customers feel at home. It is exactly what Randy and Tracey had in mind when they started this venture nearly four years ago. It should come as no surprise that Randy uses a specific word, fun, to describe their journey.

“There aren’t many times when we are able to say that everything comes together exactly as we anticipated. This came out better than I could have anticipated. It’s just been a lot of fun,” said Randy.