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Small business is the lifeblood of the American economy. This is no different in Tomball, where entrepreneurs and small businesses are favorably impacting the economy and community. The Tomball Economic Development Corporation is committed to sustaining small business growth and ensuring success. A new company to Tomball, a small business itself, is also doing its part to help small businesses triumph.

Small Business Spirit

Beefy Marketing was founded in Andrew Brockenbush’s apartment as a graphic design and printing company nearly a decade ago. The catalyst was his passion for helping small businesses tell their story. Specializing in web design and development, social media, branding, and other components of digital marketing, Beefy Marketing aims to create platforms for small business owners to be discovered and have more reach. The company’s client list includes veterans, musicians, breweries, medical professionals, and other diverse businesses.

We’re passionate about small business. We’ve been in the business of small business for nearly ten years, as it pertains to digital marketing. Typically, what we’re doing is helping small businesses generate more business.

Andrew Brockenbush

Brockenbush’s resume includes starting a business at 18 years old and positions with Chick-fil-A and Apple. He attributes much of his business acumen and leadership skills to those experiences, which he applies every day at Beefy. Brockenbush has also carried the importance of creating and cultivating relationships to his current job.

“Beefy is a relational marketing company. Most of our clients started from a relationship,” offered Brockenbush. “We are willing to be a resource and will never be above that. If there’s a business owner who’s struggling, wherever they’re at in their journey, don’t be afraid to reach out to us.”

Calling Tomball Home

Beefy Marketing moved into their brand new Tomball office earlier this year. Outfitted with a podcast studio, video studio, and conference room, Beefy can meet the growing needs of their clients. The TEDC proudly assisted with a Rental Incentive Grant to promote Beefy’s Tomball operations.

Choosing Tomball was about more than the grant and office for Beefy Marketing. It was important to find a home someplace special. For Brockenbush, Tomball is, and has long been, that place. Tomball is where he opened a recording studio in 2008 and rented his first apartment. It’s also the community he served as a firefighter under Chief Randy Parr. It was a special opportunity to bring his thriving business, Beefy Marketing, to Tomball and add to the city’s small business ecosystem.

Tomball’s always been this special place for me. I’ve got ties to this community. There are a lot of things that are really amazing about Tomball from an economic and entrepreneurship standpoint. What the City offers to small business owners just sealed the deal.

Andrew Brockenbush

An Engaged Community Resource

Brockenbush and his team, which includes current Tomball firefighter, John Kelley, have integrated seamlessly into Tomball. The team of six make it a point to be involved in the community and practice Brockenbush’s belief of being a resource to local businesses. This includes the launch of a new podcast, The Beef Podcast, which highlights small businesses by inviting small business owners to tell their story. Hosted by Kelley, The Beef Podcast features a wide range of industries, viewpoints, and stories.

“We are committed to supporting the community around us. The Beef Podcast is an avenue to do that,” added Brockenbush.

Brockenbush plans to continue growing Beefy, while also exploring other business ventures in Tomball. The company has persuasive momentum as it nears its second decade in business. With a commitment to helping small businesses through innovative digital marketing and a desire to be a community leader, Beefy Marketing is a welcomed Tomball business partner.