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Target Industries

Food Manufacturing

Did You Know?

Food manufacturing in general accounted for 44% growth in manufacturing jobs in Tomball's 9-county over the years 2014 to 2019.

Texas is overall the third-largest state for food processing and manufacturing with 60,000 jobs fueled in particular by specialty frozen food manufacturing (4,800 jobs). Coffee and tea manufacturing is considered an industry of top growth in the United States, with reports showing that the bean roasting, instant coffee, and herbal teas industries in the U.S. will surpass $21 million by 2026. Coffee and tea manufacturing, poultry processing, and spice extracting and manufacturing are considered to be industries of high and middle growth potential in tomball.

Key Players in Tomball

Key players in the food manufacturing industry that are already located in the Tomball area include Flotek (sanitizers and cleaners), Perfectfit Meals (ready-to-eat meal wholesaler), and more. Distilleries, food already abound in the area.

Fastest Growing Segments

Tomball experienced a 45% growth in bakers over the last year, 46% growth in food scientists and technicians, and 93% growth in animal scientists.