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Target Industries

Advanced Manufacturing

Did You Know?

There are more than 6,300 manufacturers in the region, producing more than $80 billion dollars of products annually.

Success in Advanced Manufacturing requires strong supply chains and innovative manufacturers who blend human capacity with technological developments. Tomball's manufacturing workforce is competitive, particularly in the computer manufacturing; mineral, oil, and gas industries; plastic; and fabrication industries including glass and metal.

Fastest Growing Segments

The fastest growing segments of Advanced Manufacturing in Tomball are related to chemical manufacturing, material handling (382% growth), automotive glass (311%), gas plant operation (287%), and industries related to automotive and transportation (749%).

Why Tomball

Tomball stands out in the new manufacturing economy because of its strategic location as part of the greater Houston metro area, with access to the Houston Ship Channel, major transportation arteries, two airports, and a large class 1 railway. The Tomball Business and Technology Park is poised to continue last year's overall job growth in Tomball and the greater Houston metro area which contributed 427,900 jobs over the past ten years.