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TEDC Grant Process
  • The applicant submits a letter, with required supporting documentation, requesting assistance from the Corporation. The TEDC Grant Assistance Application form above outlines all of the application requirements. The application must be submitted and the project must be approved prior to any construction on the project.
  • TEDC staff meets with the applicant to discuss the project.
  • TEDC staff performs a cost-benefit analysis to determine the level of assistance.
  • The grant request is placed on the TEDC Board of Directors meeting agenda for review and consideration.
  • If approved, the applicant has eighteen (18) months to obtain all occupancy permits from the City of Tomball. Time extensions may be granted at the discretion of the TEDC Board of Directors.
  • Grants, if approved by the Board of Directors and Tomball City Council, are awarded within thirty (30) days of receipt of a letter from the grantee requesting the funds. The letter must include: the City of Tomball Certificate of Occupancy for the project; proof from the Texas Workforce Commission or Internal Revenue Service that the proposed number of employees have been added/relocated; a copy of a letter from the City of Tomball acknowledging that all necessary plats, plans, and specifications have been approved; and, certification that the Improvements have been constructed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.
  • In the event the number of jobs originally projected is not met or maintained, the amount of the funding provided by the TEDC will be reduced on a pro-rata basis to reflect the actual number of jobs created at the time of the request for disbursement of funds.

*Each project is evaluated on a case-by-case basis

Contact: Kelly Violette, AICP
Executive Director
Tomball Economic Development Corporation
29201 Quinn Rd., Suite B
P.O. Box 820
Tomball, TX 77375


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