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Importance of Strong Organizational Culture Featured at Tomball Business Roundtable

Importance of Strong Organizational Culture Featured at Tomball Business Roundtable

The Tomball Economic Development Corporation (TEDC), in partnership with the Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce, hosted the second quarterly Tomball Business Roundtable of 2019. Held at the Lone Star College-Tomball Health Science Building on June 4, the latest installment of the Roundtable brought together leaders to discuss organizational challenges and learn about ways that a strong culture can help drive better results.


Approximately 20 local business and community leaders attended the Roundtable, each offering their biggest organizational challenge to kick off the morning. Issues such as hiring and retaining qualified employees, selling a company vision, and attracting younger generations were discussed among the group. Many of the attendees discovered shared difficulties, leading to discussion of best practices on how to overcome these challenges. Understanding and addressing these concerns are primary functions of the TEDC, making the conversation a valuable one for the TEDC staff.

The roundtable discussion led perfectly into an insightful presentation from featured speaker, Dr. Lee Ann Nutt, President of Lone Star College-Tomball. The author of Complete the Agenda in Higher Education: Challenge Beliefs about Student Success, Dr. Nutt offered her thoughts on and experiences with organizational culture. Her presentation, “Creating a Beliefs Based Organizational Culture,used the Results Pyramid to explain how to effectively change culture within an organization. One of the key points of the Results Pyramid is shaping beliefs by providing new experiences.

“In order to change beliefs, it requires intentional experiential changes,” offered Dr. Nutt. “Often we must think differently to get the results we desire. It starts with offering new experiences in order to alter beliefs, which then lead to positive actions and results.” 

Dr. Nutt discussed how to use organizational culture to hire the right employees. Additionally, she warned the group that their greatest beliefs can also be their biggest challenges. Self-awareness for leaders, Dr. Nutt explained, can be critical to maintaining a positive organizational culture.

As a bonus for the attendees, Dr. Shelley Diviney, Dean of Health and Sciences for Lone Star College-Tomball, led a tour of the Health Science Building. Dr. Diviney highlighted many of the health and science programs offered at the college, including nursing, pharmacy technology, surgical technology, and occupational therapy. The tour gave the business and community leaders a look into how Lone Star College is meeting the critical need of training quality health professionals right here in Tomball.