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The City of Tomball has a Council/Manager form of government where the City Council sets policy and the City Manager is charged with carrying out the policies and programs approved by the City Council and providing administrative leadership.

Position Name Email Phone
Mayor Gretchen Fagan gfagan@ci.tomball.tx.us  
Councilperson John Ford jford@tomballtx.gov  
Councilperson Mark Stoll mstoll@tomballtx.gov  
Councilperson Derek Townsend dtownsend@tomballtx.gov  
Councilperson Chad Degges cdegges@tomballtx.gov  
Councilperson Lori Klein Quinn lkleinquinn@tomballtx.gov  

City Staff
City Manager Robert Hauck rhauck@tomballtx.gov 281-290-1006
Assistant City Manager David Esquivel desquivel@tomballtx.gov 281-290-1009
City Secretary Doris Speer dspeer@tomballtx.gov 281-290-1002
Finance Director Glenn Windsor gwindsor@tomballtx.gov 281-290-1417
Fire Chief Randy Parr rparr@tomballtx.gov 281-351-7101
Fire Marshal Joe Sykora jsykora@tomballtx.gov   281-290-1440
Police Chief      
Director of Public Works Beth Jones bejones@tomballtx.gov 281-290-1415
Community Development Director Craig Meyers cmeyers@tomballtx.gov 281-290-1412
Building Official Ken Cole kcole@tomballtx.gov 281-290-1404
City Engineer Wesley Stolz wstolz@tomballtx.gov 281-290-1491
City Planner Amelia Lindley alindley@tomballtx.gov 281-290-1410

Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner R. Jack Cagle 1001 Preston, Suite 950 Houston, Texas 77002 By phone: 713-755-6444 By fax: 713-755-8801 By e-mail: commissionercagle@hcp4.net For more information about the City of Tomball, follow the link below:

City of Tomball

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